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Elliott Goldkind has composed music for diverse media, ranging from orchestral and chamber music to film, television, and commercials.

Elliott’s classical/concert music has been performed throughout the United States and Western Europe. His film scoring work has led to collaborations with Jeff Buckley, David Mamet and many talented young directors.

Elliott received his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, studied at Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris and the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin.  He received his Masters and Doctorate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His teachers include Chester Biscardi, Meyer Kupferman, Stephen Dembksi and Joel Naumann. At the UW-Madison, he helped revive the UW-Madison Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, a group that is dedicated to performing the music of Wisconsin students/composers.  Elliott is a MacDowell Colony fellow and the recipient of New York University’s Langley Fellowship.

Stylistically, Elliott’s music ranges from lyrical to nails-on-blackboard. Ideally, he writes with pen and paper, leaving it up to “real musicians” to perform. However, for film and commercial applications, various electronic/digital approaches rear their ugly heads as well.

Elliott is a founding member of the not-too-legendary New York rock bands “Bones Jones and the Jones Tones,” “Hodgepodge Lodge,” and “Freak of Nature.” Like too many others, Elliott is a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles.



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