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STUFF FOR SALE! make an offer! (Prices are for gen public; Stephanie can certainly offer less!)

Baby Grand Piano, 100+ year old Chickering and Sons. Wonderful instrument. Can use some new strings in the low end but it sounds and feels great. $1,500 (I might decide to ship this to Spain. I'm very torn. I love this thing!)

Two outdoor chairs, excellent condition ($50)

Old picnic table and chairs ($50)

Couch #1, Blue, in excellent condition, comfortable! ($250)

Modern Dining Table, very good condition (a few minor scratches), beautiful, solid! (pardon the mess!) ($350)

Outdoor Chairs and Table ($50)

Blue Couch #2 Very good condition, has some pilling but not much, comfortable, mid-century modern design (sorry, forgot to remove covers!) ($200)

Small Marble Side Table ($50)

Ikea Bookshelf #1 ($50)

Ikea Desk ($75)

Ikea Chaise Lounge Chair ($25)

Green Upholstered Chair ($150)

Fire Pit & Metal Chairs ($50)

Low Bed Frame and Foam Mattress ($50)

Black Metal Coffee Table ($50)

Ikea Bookshelf #2 ($75)


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